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Below you will find Samsung commercial LFD product training and reference guides, provided by Brawn Consulting.

LFD Product Trainings


The Samsung Advantage: LFD – Q4 2018

Samsung offers an incredibly broad and sophisticated commercial large format display (LFD) product line, with models targeted at specific applications. Because of the breadth of the product line, it is possible to get overwhelmed with model numbers. This training is an in depth look at the whole LFD lineup, broken down into product category. The presentation delves into the true problem solving solutions and the real benefits offered by Samsung LFDs, beyond the numbers on the spec sheet.

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Understanding and Specifying Outdoor LFD with Samsung – Q4 2018

QSR drive-thrus, theme parks, stadiums, retail window displays – these are all places where specialized displays are a necessity due to the elements, lighting, and more. Learn the differences between these types of LFDs, when to use them, and in what applications. By examining the specifications involved, you’ll explore the essentials for installing these specialized displays, and the important considerations BEFORE you start an outdoor project.

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Samsung All-in-One eBoard and Whiteboard Solutions – Q4 2018

Both educational and corporate customers can leverage Samsung’s all-in-one interactive eBoard and whiteboard solutions including QBH-TR, MagicIWB (Interactive White Board), and FLiP products to create a more engaging and interactive user experience. Topics will include: interactive LFD products and features, FLiP, and MagicIWB S5 / I2.

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Understanding QLED – Quantum Dot Technology

Samsung has introduced a unique display technology, QLED. Based on metallic quantum dot backlighting, this technology enables Samsung displays to offer the best levels of brightness, contrast, and color performance available. Learn about how this technology works, it’s benefits, and the only commercial QLED display in the world, the QHH series of LFDs.

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Samsung Digital Signage Software Offerings – Q4 2018

This guide provides a single page review of all of Samsung’s current digital signage software solution offerings.

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Samsung Support: Before and After the Sale – Q4 2018

Samsung provides best-in-class support both before, and after the sale of any LFD product. This presentation provides a guide to all of Samsung’s service offerings, both internally and from Brawn Consulting, that are available to all resellers and end-users.

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LFD Product Reference Guides


LFD Recommendation Guide – Q4 2018

LFD Touch Overlay Reference – Q4 2018

Samsung LFD Model Number Naming Conventions – Q4 2018

Guide to Updating LFD Firmware via USB – Q4 2018

Guide to Implementing EX-LINK (RS232) on BEN Series LFDs

Guide to Setting Custom Home Page for LFD Onboard Browser

Offline Content Scheduling Guide – S4 Player

Offline Content Scheduling Guide – S3 Player